• Question: Did you watch breaking bad

    Asked by anon-41597 on 2 Dec 2022.
    • Photo: Vincent Monchal

      Vincent Monchal answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      I started during my last holidays, I want to continue watching it during that Christmas because I like that show and I want to know what happen !

    • Photo: Anna Desmond

      Anna Desmond answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      No I haven’t watched it yet but its on my list of things to watch.

    • Photo: Ingmar Schoen

      Ingmar Schoen answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      No I did not, but I know many people who did enjoy it

    • Photo: Hao Shi

      Hao Shi answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      No, maybe I will try it during Christmas.

    • Photo: Simon Sorensen

      Simon Sorensen answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      Yes! It’s one of my favourite series together with Better Call Saul. Very violent at times though.

    • Photo: Vanessa Rodrigues

      Vanessa Rodrigues answered on 3 Dec 2022:

      Yes. I did. I like Jesse Pinkman’s character the most.