• Question: How long does it take to be a scientist

    Asked by anon-39831 on 2 Dec 2022.
    • Photo: Vincent Monchal

      Vincent Monchal answered on 2 Dec 2022:

      A long time because you have to specialize in a subject, in my opinion, you start to be a scientist when you start a degree in university as you choose a specialty. When you start to have your own project later, in master maybe, then you have more experience, and you start to be considered as a scientist by other people that are already scientist.

    • Photo: Vanessa Rodrigues

      Vanessa Rodrigues answered on 3 Dec 2022:

      The direct academic path by qualifications is a Bachelors, Masters and then a PhD degree in STEM. At this point, you will be called a scientist. This is a lump sum 3-4 years + 1-2 years + 3-10 years per degree/diploma.
      However, the quality of a scientist shoots up with the experience he gains through the numerous projects he works toward or collaborations he builds, as an example. It may/ may not take a few years more as one cannot put a number on it when each person’s aptitude is different. A lot of these can be achieved in parallel.

    • Photo: Hao Shi

      Hao Shi answered on 5 Dec 2022:

      It does take a long time, and you need to acquire a basic theoretical foundation in junior high and high school, and start to be exposed to experimental operations at university. It is only when you have completed a lot of training and understand how a particular area of science is developing that you slowly become a scientist